Sellers choosing to sell a property using our Flat Fee MLS Program are able to save thousands of dollars in commissions simply by taking on some of the responsibilities of a traditional listing agent.

The Seller sets the asking price, takes the calls and arranges the showing appointments.

The Seller determines the amount of commission that will be paid to the Broker that brings in a buyer (typically 2%-3% of the selling price). This amount is predetermined and posted to the MLS listing.  If the property is sold to a buyer not represented by a Broker, NO commission is paid.


To list a property, simply follow the steps below. Signing up is done in 3 easy steps!

Step 1 – Complete a Listing Packet specific for the property to be sold

Step 2 – Email or fax the completed Listing Packet

Step 3 - Email the Property photos

You have the ability to add photos to the listing.  Please note one (1) photo MUST be a front exterior photo.  This photo [front exterior] should be file saved as 001. Please submit the photos to our office in numerical order with the front photo being first (file saved as 001).  Save each subsequent file thereafter as 002, 003, 004, etc.   The photos MUST be sent in the order in which you want them uploaded and saved with the proper file numbering.  Please note that photos will be automatically rejected if they are not numbered in sequential order.  Our office will not modify and/or organize the photos into the proper order.  When sending the photos to be uploaded to the listing, break the photos up into groups - sending in multiple emails - each containing 7 to 10 photos at a time. Email photos to: 



The property will be listed on the MLS the same day.

An email confirmation will be sent to the email address on file once the listing is completed asking for immediate review of the Listing Sheet.