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The following is a portion of Senate Bill 2887 that explains the law:

In Section 15-75 the term “Exclusive Brokerage Agreement” is defined.  All exclusive brokerage agreements must specify that the sponsoring broker, through one or more sponsored licensees, must provide at a minimum, the following services:

1. Accept delivery of and present to the client all offers and counteroffers to buy, sell or lease the client’s property or the property the client seeks to purchase or lease;

2. Assist the client in developing, communicating, negotiating, and presenting offers, counteroffers and notices that relate to the offers and counteroffers until a lease or purchase agreement is signed and all contingencies are satisfied or waived; an

3. Answer the client’s questions relating to the offers, counteroffers, notices and contingencies.

Metro Realty, Inc. is in complete compliance with the above. Offers submitted by real estate brokers must be emailed to our office. Upon receipt of an offer, the offer is emailed to the Seller as a PDF attachment. We assist the Seller during the negotiation process and are available to answer any questions.