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what is flat fee mls


For a one-time fee, the Seller can cut the total commission paid at closing in half! Instead of paying the traditional 5-6% commission for a transaction, the Seller ONLY pays the buyers agent’s portion of the commission at closing (typically 2-3%) if the buyer is represented by a buyer’s agent.

The seller also reserves the right to also advertise the property “for sale by owner” or FSBO. If a buyer is found using those advertising efforts (and not represented by a buyer’s agent), then NO commission is paid at closing.

The MLS is the EXACT same MLS that a property would be listed on for sale with a traditional broker. Metro Realty, Inc. is a discount broker that charges a one-time rate and offers fewer services than a traditional broker. Instead of paying a percentage of the selling price, a Seller pays a flat rate at the time of listing.

The primary reason for using our Flat Fee Program is to gain access to the MLS for a property listing. Since a Seller cannot get a property on the MLS without a listing broker, we offer the option to do so using our Flat Fee Program.