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Additional Reasons why Metro Realty, Inc. should be the ONLY choice for Flat Fee MLS:

  No hidden costs or fees

Some other flat fee brokers charge additional fees at closing. Some charge extra for making changes or posting open house notifications. With our service, there are no hidden costs or fees; everything is included.

  Business Systems

We are able to handle a very high volume of business and still be able to give superior customer service. We use top of the line contact management systems and transactional management software.

  All leads go to the Seller

Brokers will contact the Seller directly using the showing instructions on the MLS listing sheet.  As a result, when a prospect calls our office to schedule a showing, they are able leave a voicemail message and this gets forwarded to the Seller upon receipt for a quick call back.

  Timley Offer Presentation

All offers that are received by our office will be emailed to you 7 days a week with no delays.

  Broker Support

During the entire listing term, we provide broker support and contract negotiation assistance. We are available by email, text and chat.

  Money Back Guarantee

If Seller is unable to sell his/her home and decides to hire a traditional listing agent, just let us know. If Seller switches to a full service company that we recommend, Seller will receive a full refund of the flat fee once the property has closed.